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You'll Row the Day!

During the epic saga that was the creation of Trek Wars, we made a few mistakes.  Before you judge us, remember!  This was our first giant production.  The scale was beyond anything we'd done, since that whole 'building the pyramids' project (I always laugh when they say aliens built them.  Jeez... people are getting dumber every day.).  So, in the midst of this monumental film, we may have taken a wrong turn... we may have lost things that shouldn't have been lost...  we may have dropped jokes that could have changed the face of history.  Or at least painted a mustache on it.

There is a scene in the dream sequence in which a galley slave rows the ship to the berating rasps of Engineer Scottish.  "Harder!  ROW HARDER!" he growled.  Sure, this passage did get some of the biggest laughs that modern film comedy has ever received, but it could have been better.  Here's the moment of truth:  no lies here:  the original concept involved the same galley slave blowing into a pipe with all his might, with Scottish shouting, "Harder!  BLOW HARDER!"  Due to unfortunate placement of both the tube and Scottish's groin area, the scene was excised by the MPAA and humanity was robbed of yet another brilliant gag with a societal statement.

All of this to say: fresh thinking is kind of like a fresh grocery store:  full of mist-shooting hoses that keep the produce fresh and covered with middle-aged women who handle everything but take nothing.  Such is the way of genius.

Dave Casey