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The Capiteaahhh

The lowest point of the TTT is definitively considered to be the Metallica Sketch.  (Only Got Mac could be considered worse.  However, we had a bit of experience by the time we did the Metallica Sketch and should have known better, so it rates Metallica lower on the scale.)  It is essentially a direct rip off of the scene from Wayne's World where Wayne and Garth meet Alice Cooper.  The only differences are that the scene is preceeded by a short clip showing Metallica playing the first part of Blacken (played by us, of course:  Sean Sethi as James Hetfield; Aaron Hendren as Cliff Burton; Evan Woolley as Kirk Hammett; and yours truly as Lars Ulrich), and we replaced Cooper with Hetfield.

For those of you who haven't seen Wayne's World, the setup:  The first half of the sketch is Sean mouthing the lyrics to Blacken while the two fans (unnamed, played by Dave Casey and Dale Strickler) exclaim that they have a backstage pass to meet Metallica.  The second part of the sketch is when they actually talk to the band.  It's supposed to go like this:

Fan #1 (Dave Casey): Oh, man!  It's METALLICA!

Fan #2 (Dale Strickler):  You guys are AWESOME!

James Hetfield:  Thank you.  It's great to be here in Lancaster.  Did you know Lancaster was the capital of the USA for one day?

Fan #1:  No....  I did not know that.  Did you know that?

Fan #2:  No, I did not know that.

Fan #1:  Oh.  Okay.  EXCELLENT!

James Hetfield:  Excellent!   

Simple enough.  You'd think that it would be a one-take wonder.  Nevertheless, one of the biggest verbal blunders in TTT history made it through.  In order to give this some context it helps to know that James Hetfield (the lead singer for Metallica) sings with a distinctive trailing off of his voice.  Words that end in -el or -ay tend to turn into -eaaahhhh.  A sort of long drawn out guttural noise which adds another syllable onto the uttered word.  (For example:  Yea-heeaaaahhhh.... instead of Yeah.)  Sean, in an effort to parody this distinctive singing style, applies it to all aspects of the character, including conversation.  Furthermore, he flubs his (only) line, saying "UA" instead of "USA."   The ensuing audile cacophony sounds more like this:

Fan #1: Oh, man!  It's METALLICA!

Fan #2: You guys are AWESOME!

James Hetfield:  Thank Yeeeaaaahhhh... It's great to be heaahhh in Lancasteaaahhh...  Did you know Lancasteaaahhh was the Capiteaahhh of the U Aaahhh for one Daaaahhh?  

The audience, of course, says "What?"  Also, due to bad cutting, the end of Sean's last line is cut off.  Not to mention he pronounces it Hetfield-esque, as well.  The final "Excellent" therefore, sounds like "Selleaahhh-"  Incidently, this is also the origin of Inside Joke #17.  If you've ever been around us, and someone errupts, for no apparent reason, with a booming "SELLEAAHHH!", you'll know what they said.