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The X-files: An Official TTT Spoof

Released Fall, 1998

Plot outline:
Moldy and Sculler are called to investigate an alien abduction.


Ted Stoltzfus
Kathie Obenchain
Graham Woolley
Dave Casey
Aaron Hendren
Aaron Hendren

The Informant
The Chip Eating Man (a.k.a David Niemkawitz)
Guy Who Gets Abducted
Guy With Evidence



The part where Moldy runs up to the informant while the Indiana Jones Theme is playing was completely ad libbed on the spot.  That's why the theme is being sung off camera (by Aaron Hendren) rather than playing on the stereo (which is how we usually did music at the time).

The weird squeaking noise at the beginning was supposed to be Sculler walking.  (We were using a squeaky spider to make the noise.  The same spider appears in "Hydro" on Badimir's shoulder, and in "Fatal Killings" when it attacks guy number 2.)  Anyway, on camera, you couldn't really see Sculler walking and the gag was kind of lost.

The scene where Aaron appears in the door with evidence and gets knocked out (by himself) was also ad libbed.  When he first demonstrated it, he made it actually look like someone else hit him on the head. It was very convincing.   Unfortunately, when we filmed, he messed up and it's really obvious that he hits himself.