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Trek Wars

Released Spring, 1999

Plot outline:
The Starship Entersurprise is attacked by an evil guy. The crew copies the ship's data on to a robot and sends it down to the surface of the planet. After they defeat the evil guy, they go down to retrieve their robot only to find they must first fight an army of confederate-era soldiers. They lose the battle and fail to retrieve the robot, but later remember that it makes no difference since they were only copies anyway.


Dave Casey
Ted Stoltzfus
Graham Woolley
Kathie Obenchain
Evan Woolley
Aaron Hendren
Alexis Gates
Evan Woolley
Graham Woolley
Aaron Hendren
Evan Woolley
Dale Strickler
Daphne Stoltzfus
Aaron Hendren
Evan Woolley
Aaron Hendren
Kathie Obenchain

Captain Jean-Puke Retard
Number 2,053
The Medical Officer
The Evil Guy
The Princess
Luke Skawalker
General Robert E. Lee
General Picket
Confederate Soldier
Ensign Expendable
Ensign Check-the-Charts
The Bartender
Pillow Face
U2 [voice]
U2 [controller]


Intentional: There is an object on the front right control panel which changes in almost every scene.  (Some of the things put there include a remote control car, the Star Wars Trilogy, nothing, and an alligator skull.)  The B&W TV (originally facing camera on the back right table) and the computer monitor (next to flight yoke on center table) switch about half way through.  There is a series of balls on a string hanging from the ceiling which move from the back right to back left and disappear.  And on the back wall, there are a number "computer monitors" (pieces of paper taped on) which disappear after the first scene.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Captain Retard is talking to the Medical Officer before the fight. Originally the shot was so windy that no dialogue could be heard. Rather than reshoot it, Dave and Kathie simply overdubbed the audio. Kathie did a fairly good job but Dave's part is pretty obviously overdubbed.



This started out as three separate parodies.  A Star Trek parody, a Star Wars parody, and a parody of Gettysburg.  One thing led to another.  It got longer and longer, and eventually all the scripts got dumped together into one big, monumental project.  That also explains why half the characters aren't named.

The opening is a walk around Dave's basement which contained 90% of the sets in Trek Wars.  

The crew has only one communicator.  However, it must be with both people who wish to talk, therefore, a few scenes involve carrying the communicator back and forth so it can be used.

The cantina scene was filmed at 1:30 in the morning.

The Gettysburg part was filmed on a Sunday morning in a field a few minutes walking distance from Dave's house.  When we originally got there to film, there was a kid practicing golfing.  We told him we were a production company about to film part of a movie and could he please leave the area.  He believed us and left.

U2 is a shopvac with an iron duct-taped on top and a 3.5" floppy drive attached to the side.

The budget for Trek Wars was excatly $10.24.

The Entersurprise is a combination of the regular Enterprise from Star Trek and the Death Star from Star Wars.

The Medical Officer's scanner is a bicycle vista light.

The 2 frontal control panels on the bridge have "TTT" painted on the back.  During the customary close, they were turned around so it is possible to see it.

When the Princess is in her room reading, she is holding the book upside down.  Unfortunately, it's not visible even if you look for it, so the gag was kind of lost.

At the end of the Gettysburg scene when Capt. Retard is crawling back to get beamed up, it's possible to see the top of the script.  Ted was standing a little to close to the camera while reading off it.

Murrey Ermer makes a cameo appearance.  He chops off U2's head near the end.

TTT trademark: Dr. Pepper at the cantina scene.