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Hydro: First Flood

Released Summer, 1999

Plot outline:
Hydro kills the evil Russian Communist, Badimir Evilinski.  30 years later, Evilinski returns, and Hydro must go out again and kill him, once, and for all.


Graham Woolley
Ted Stoltzfus
Dave Casey
Kathie Obenchain
Aaron Hendren
Andrew Stoltzfus

John Hydro
Badimir Evilinski
Badimir's Aide
Russian Soldier



Hydro was also filmed in the dead of summer, during the worst drought to hit the area in something like 80 years.

The beginning of Hydro was filmed in a really nice woods which used to be the back yard of Dave's house before he moved. (X-files spoof and PA Chainsaw Massacre were 2 productions which used the woods.) We really wanted to use the woods again, so we dragged 50+ pounds of equipment and 7 people out there (about half a mile from Dave's new house), and filmed about 5 minutes of the movie before the battery went dead.  So we all hiked back to Dave's house (along a major road while carrying about 20 water guns and dressed like communists and army guys) to recharge the battery.  We all agreed that going back to the woods was way more trouble than it was worth, so we filmed the rest of Hydro in Dave's back yard.

In the beginning of Hydro when Badimir and Hydro are standing off, Graham had his eyes closed.  The reason was because everyone who was not in the scene was on a ledge behind Ted, facing Graham and they were doing their best to make him laugh.

The Sign in Russian says "Russian Camp."

Dave's character was unnamed which presented a real problem for us.  We really wanted to use him again, but just never came up with a good name.  Behind the scenes, he is commonly refered to as either "The Trooper" or "The Woody Allen Guy," but he does not have an actual character name.

The only reason Natasha doesn't talk is because Kathie can't do a Russian accent worth beans.

TTT Trademark: Dr Pepper. Hydro takes a drink of Dr Pepper.