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The Scarlet Ninja

Released July, 2000

Plot outline:
The Scarlet Ninja escapes from prison. Two warriors must go to their mentor, Mr. Me-Young to get training to defeat the Scarlet Ninja.


Kathie Obenchain
Dave Casey
Ted Stoltzfus
Evan Woolley
Kathie Obenchain
Dave Casey

The Scarlet Ninja
The Scarlet Ninja [voice]
Warrior #1
Warrior #2
Warrior #2 [voice]
Mr. Me-Young



There are many scenes where neighbors are plainly visible in the background, oblivious to (or simply ignoring) the people running around with giant fake swords.

During the scene where Mr. Me-Young is meditating with the two warriors, we had said some lines during filming for timing reasons, planning to overdub them later.  The problem was, when we went to overdub, we forgot what the lines were, so it looks like the two warriors are complete idiots for not getting what Me-young is saying for about ten seconds.

The second warrior's (Evan) voice changes half way through.  Originally Evan was doing it, but he couldn't make it for the next weekend so Kathie filled in.