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Released March 3, 2004

Note: All videos are in Quicktime format.
Running time: 6:36

Medium - 14.7 mb

Plot outline:
The champion chef Miromuto Nagasaki must face off against the newcomer Akira Hiroshito in this fast paced cooking competition. Nagasaki has never lost, but Hiroshito has a few tricks up his sleeve...


Aaron Hendren
Daphne Stoltzfus
Andrew Stoltzfus
Ted Stoltzfus

Akira Hiroshito
Miromuto Nagasaki
Yin (Ted Stoltzfus [voice])
Yang (Aaron Hendren [voice])

When the camera pans to show Yin picking up the fortune cookie, it is obvious that Yang is not sitting beside him in that shot, even though Yang never leaves his seat at the table.

Flipped shot: when Nagasaki closes the oven door the camera appears to be shooting her from the opposite side, but the counter in the background reveals that the shot is just a mirrored version of the ones that come immediately before and after.

At the end, Yang's voice changes from Aaron Hendren to Ted Stoltzfus. Hendren then does a different voice for Akira Hiroshito.

The footage of Nagasaki cooking is Daphne Stoltzfus actually making dinner. The meal that is shown at the end was actually eaten (and, yes, it was good).

None of Nagasaki's actions were staged. All the jokes were written to fit the material that was shot.