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A Public Service Announcement

A Public Service Announcement

Released April 25, 2004

Note: All videos are in Quicktime format.
Running time: 6:55

Medium - 15.2 mb

Plot outline:
A public service announcement courtesy of the Recording Industry's Protection of Finances Department. It shows the fate that awaits those who share music on the internet compared to those who purchase CDs.

Ted Stoltzfus
Aaron Hendren
Clint Obenchain
Dave Casey
Ted Stoltzfus
Andrew Stoltzfus
Kathie Obenchain
Aaron Hendren
Arthur Pendergrass
Music Stealer
Jubal Hackensack
Agent Murphy
Agent Phillips
Music Stealer's Friend
Jubal's Girlfriend

When the Music Stealer is getting ready to run on the track, he bends down and hitches up his pants. In the next shot, he puts his hands on the ground, then he steps forward a second time and hitches up his pants again. There is also a disappearing person in the background.

After Jubal Hackensack gets out of the car he walks in front of it and steps up onto the sidewalk. In the next shot, he is walking past the same car.

Intentional: Arthur Pendergrass's pen appears and dissapears.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: After the Music Stealer escapes from the agents, he runs off without his hat on. However, he is holding it. Presumably he puts it on between the time that he ran away and the next time we see him in the woods.

When the Music Stealer runs to the turnstile, you can see the shadows of both agents standing still before they walk on.

The "[music sharing] is wrong and bad..." line is a nod to the part in Thumb Wars when Princess Bunhead is telling Black Helmet Man how bad he is.

Arthur Pendergrass continually turns before the camera angle changes. This is a nod to the 'Mysteries in History' section of Men In Black II where the host (Peter Graves) does the same. The running joke culminates at the end when Pendergrass turns the wrong way.

The agents are named after the agents in Taking A Left, a TTT production that was never completed. They return here, Ted Stoltzfus reprising his role as Agent Phillips, Dave Casey playing Agent Murphy (taking over for the unavailable Justin Nissley). They even wear the same ties: Phillips has the straight black tie while Murphy is wearing a checked black tie.

According to the script, the music stealer's name was Jake and his friend's name was Ryan.

TTT Trademark: Dr Pepper. The Music Stealer is forced to do a Dr Pepper commercial as punishemnt for sharing music.