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Quote of the Week Archive

"I suppose it's time for a little murder meditation. Wouldn't want to go in there with a bad vibe, now would we?"
-Charles, From Beyond

"This child isn't fresh or hot. It's not even delicious, I'd bet."
-Man (pre-change), A New Oddity

"I believe these backpacks are merely acting in self defense.
They are extremely territorial."
-David Niemkawitz, When Inanimate Objects Attack: Special Edition

"Uhh... eat out. A lot."
- Akira Hiroshito, Mincemeat!

"There's so much smoke I can't see a thing, sir!"
- Major Casualties, Trek Wars

"It just grabbed hold of my foot and wouldn't let go.
At that point I knew I was going to die."
-Derek Bailey, When Inanimate Objects Attack

"Guns don't kill people. Pizza kills people."
-Pizza Cutter Slayer, A New Oddity

"My family is smarter than your whole entire race!"
-Veronica Teem, From Beyond

"Sometimes I have to make the backpack's matin' call. It sounds a little bit like this..." [unzips backpack zipper]
-William Wallace, When Inanimate Objects Attack: Special Edition

"None of this is making any sense!"
-Aaron, The TTT Presents: One Minute

"I will crush them under the mighty weight of justice!"
-Prosecutor, Fatal Killings

"You must learn to fight like fallen tree: unexpected, yet swift to trip."
-Mr. Me-young, The Scarlet Ninja

"Your pathetic human mind just can't handle my superior wittiness!"
-The Alien King, From Beyond

"Sometimes I used to get really drunk, and just walk into people's houses."
-Carl Hartenstien,When Inanimate Objects Attack: Special Edition

"May the truth be with you."
-Bailiff, Fatal Killings

"Let's take this outside, sir."
-General Robert E. Lee, Trek Wars

"I guess it's time to go find out what my client did, er, um... didn't do."
-Spencer Herbenstein, Fatal Killings

"I just don't understand. I put the toast in, push down the lever, and nothing happens."
-Victor Teem, From Beyond

"Tell me, did you buy those CDs?"
-Jubal's Girlfriend, A Public Service Announcement

"Everyone knows that if a recipe calls for baking something for half an hour at 250 degrees, you can shorten that to about 30 seconds you if bake it at, say, 5000 degrees."
-Yin, Mincemeat!

"People don't understand. They never will. You got to read between the lines."
-Dave, The TTT Presents: One Minute

"When people go to see a movie, they don't go for such - what's the word? - graphic realism."
-Producer, A New Oddity

"Backpacks need to be taught a lesson in their own blood. They need to die."
-James Fletcher, When Inanimate Objects Attack: Special Edition