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Sunday, July 07, 2001:

Since the beginning of summer, we've all been pretty busy with our own lives.  A few of us have gotten together to try to finish one final project (See Upcoming Productions), but it might not work out.  At the end of the summer, most of the TTT will be scattered to the far corners of the Earth to embark upon a new journey known as "college." (Cue violin music.) This so called "college" will certainly be the death of the TTT since we may never see each other ever again.  During these four years we've come further than any of us can ever imagine, but it has ended to soon; we were only just beginning.  So every time you see a Sunny D commercial; every time you watch another stupid documentary on Fox, every time you watch a bad science fiction movie, remember, us, the TTT and our never ending quest to mock what has never been mocked before. Anyway, at the close of summer, I'll probably post a final update about our plans, and that'll be it.

Sunday, May 27, 2001:

From Beyond is released!  After much editing and setbacks of various sorts, we have finally finished it.  The premier was at Graham's house and was attended by eight people. (Mostly us, of course, but we won't split hairs.)

I have decided I probably won't upload any more pics than are already on here.  Basically, they take a while to get set up, and I just don't feel like putting the time in.  Anyway, you can at least see what we look like.

I also have plans to put up a trivia page for From Beyond,  eventually.

Tuesday, May 1, 2001:

From Beyond filming is completed!!!  See info in the Upcoming Productions section.

I got a digital camera last week, so I was able to use it on our last filming of From Beyond, yesterday.  It is quite the cool toy; no hassle with film or developing time or retarded clerks who accidentally drop your photos into a lake.  It's really high quality, too, which is nice.  The only pictures I have up now are of us.  You can see them in the FAQ section.  Eventually, I want to add a pictures section for all of the ones we have (dating all the way back to Trek Wars!).  But that'll have to wait.

While reading over the page, I realized that the actual core of the TTT is, in fact, only six people.  Sean Sethi was offered a part in From Beyond, but he wasn't interested, again, so he's not really a member.  Fatal Killings was just a small comeback for him, but he's not terribly committed.  Justin Nissley, who's playing the Alien King in From Beyond, is also not really a member although he did lend some awesome talents for the movie.  We couldn't have done it without him.  However, we have already started to bat around some ideas for a production over the summer, and he probably won't be involved. (No offence, Justin!)  It's just that, scheduling-wise, six people is optimum.

Friday, March 30, 2001:

"Two updates in one month??  Wow, you guys must be on a roll!"  Well, not really.  The main reason for this update was to get my new Email address on the front page.  I (Ted) changed it because of the massive amounts of spam.  Besides, I've had the same Email address for *7 years,* which is longer than most people have owned a computer, much less been online.  In any case, the correct one is now the one on the front page.

With respect to "From Beyond: The Musical":  We've been working on it 3 of the past 4 weekends.  (This weekend we will not be working on it, either.)  The only things we have left are 2 or 3 songs, plus the final finales (of acts I and II), and some very minor speaking parts.  Anyway, our track record up to this point has been only one or two minor songs completed in one day.  (It is turning out to be a lot harder to choreograph and film the songs than we anticipated.)  This means we have about another month until all the raw footage is completed, add a week for editing, and that puts us right on schedule.  It just doesn't seem like it.  Of course, the songs we do have to do are pretty major numbers, and we need *everyone,* so we really don't know when we'll be done.  Like always, we'll keep you more or less up to date.

Monday, March 5, 2001:

Like always, I don't update regularly, but I do on occasion, just to let you know we're not dead.  Anyway, the past 3 weekends, we've been filming "From Beyond: A TTT Musical."  It's coming along quite nicely (See the Upcoming Productions section for more info).

Unfortunately, as good as it is so far, we're getting a few people who are reluctant to work hard as well as a general lack of communication.  It's stuff like this that are making it quite difficult to get things done, but we're still trying to finish by late April / Early May.  We'll see how it goes and keep you posted.

Saturday, January 12, 2001:

It's been a while since the last update, so I'll try to fill in where I can.  (I really ought to get off my butt and update this more often.  Thanks to all of you bugging me about it.  You know who you are.) 

Anyway, the big news of the day is the upcoming production.  Check out the new "Upcoming Productions" section just added for such an occasion.  I put it up to tell about current projects we're working on (duh) as well as any ideas we're thinking about.  Note: all projects here are subject to change or be cancelled completely so if it sounds cool and it never happens, don't complain.  All's I'll say is we have big plans this time.  Real big plans.

And as for the Halloween party, it went well.  We got some interesting footage.  It was, of course, mostly kids in the 4 - 8 year old range which means they were terrible at ad libbing.  No big deal, we weren't expecting "Who's Line Is It, Anyway?" material, anyway.

We also had our Millennium party at Graham's.  I'll just say that the true Millennium was worth waiting for.