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4.11.05 - Added the "Email Us" button to the front page. Also fixed the first news entry for 2005 from "August 17" to "March 17." Here's a shout out to everyone who noticed it and didn't tell me: thanks for nothing, guys!

3.24.05 - Finished and posted the Failed Jokes Explained and Antidotes to Anecdotes sections online in the new format. (Pictures that were attached to these articles are not being converted. There are also no plans to convert the Unintentional Word section.) Changed and updated some personal information on a few of the actors pages. Changed the About Us page so everyone's name is listed in alphabetical order.

3.17.05 - Moved the TTT site to a new server, Dreamhost. Indexed the news for 2004 to its own page. Updated the current news page regarding the hosting change. Removed the link to the original productions page from the productions page. Removed the 'large' and 'small' versions of our movies from all the pages which have movies available to download. Changed a few minor aesthetic things and fixed a few typos (Thanks, Clint).

8.14.04 - Created a new section on the server for Ted Stoltzfus's blog, "Play on Words" at ted.thettt.com. Announced the addition in the news page. Changed the cool stuff page and Ted Stoltzfus's actor page to include a link to the blog. Also added to the logo project.

8.08.04 - Added small, medium and large Quicktime files of Mincemeat! and The TTT Presents: One Minute. Fixed some other minor issues related to streaming the videos. Switched the news archives over to the new site format. Made minor aesthetic changes, including emboldening the date headers in the news pages and organizing the productions list into a table. Took down the FAQ page.

8.07.04 - Added Small, Medium and Large quicktime files of Trademark, Midnight Fugue, and A Public Service Announcement to their respective pages.

7.31.04 - Changed all the archive pages over to the new format and relinked all the pictures associated with those pages. Updated the news page. Also added a little bit of a surprise, which will reveal itself as you continue to visit the page.

6.07.04 - Updated the news page. Added a bio to Dave's page. Added the Quote of the Week archive. Added the newer cast bios to the About Us page and took down the link to the old "Members" page.

5.29.04 - Added Trademark to the Productions page. Updated the news page. Also changed the opening message on the front page since the new design has been up for about a month.

5.11.04 - updated the news page and the productions page with info about our latest release, Midnight Fugue. Also added stills for Midnight Fugue, A Public Service Announcment, Mincemeat!, and The TTT Presents: One Minute.

5.02.04 - see 4.29.04

4.30.04 - see 4.29.04

4.29.04 - Continued converting a number of pages to the new format. Concentrated on the productions and actors pages.

4.28.04 - Put up the new TTT site with a few pages, including news, updates, productions, about us, cool stuff, the new updates page, the Public Service Announcement page and pages for all the actors listed on there, and the Mincemeat! page. Also archived the old updates and took the original productions page offline (temporarily - it'll be coming back).

04.25.04 - Added the newest release, A Public Service Announement, to the Productions page. Updated the news page with a smidge of news.

03.04.04 - Updated the Productions page with the newest release, Mincemeat! and added some news to the News page.