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11.09.03 - Updated the news and added a story to Graham's section, The Unintentional Word.

9.03.03 - Updated Failed Jokes Explained.

7.02.03 - Updated Antidotes to Anecdotes and Failed Jokes Explained, plus the accompanying images.

6.18.03 - Updated Antidotes to Anecdotes with the latest column, only a bit late.

6.16.03 - Big update to the Archives.  Created sections (however small) for From Beyond, Fatal Killings, One Minute, and The Scarlet Ninja.  Also moved the Trek Wars stuff to its own section.

6.01.03 - More columns all around including additions to Antidotes to Anecdotes,  Failed Jokes Explained and The Unintentional Word.

5.19.03 - Added yet another column to Antidotes to Anecdotes.

5.04.03 - Updated Antidotes to Anecdotes and Failed Jokes Explained and The Unintentional Word, as usual.

4.13.03 - Updated Antidotes to Anecdotes with the latest column.

4.02.03 - Updated Failed Jokes Explained, Antidotes to Anecdotes, and The Unintentional Word with the monthly/bi-wheneverial updates.  Deleted the Upcoming Productions Page from the Navbar, moved it to the Archives.  Added A New Oddity to the Productions Page. Added News.  Split the news page into separate years.  Added the Archives and everything contained therein, under Cool Stuff.

3.15.03 - Updated Antidotes to Anecdotes with the latest column.

3.01.03 - Updated both Failed Jokes Explained and Antidotes to Anecdotes.  I also added a new section for Graham Woolley, entitled The Unintentional Word.  It's cool; check it out.  No pics yet, tho.

2.16.03 - Put new pictures up!  I really actually finally put more pics of us up.  These are of each of us who have a column to give them a bit more personality.  I do plan to put up more pics of a general nature in the future...

2.15.03 - Added the next installment of Antidotes to Anecdotes.  Fixed some minor issues (such as having 2002 a bunch of places where it should have been 2003 - pbtpth.)  I also optimized the spinning TTT logo (finally) so it's more manageable on slower connections.  Also, if you have a slow connection (less than 56k) a lower res version should kick in (it's about 50kb) which doesn't look as nice, but then again, who looks at that thing anyway?

2.08.03 - As with any new feature, there are bugs.  I fixed the major one in the new Navbar to include the FAQ and The Members page (under About Us).  (Thanks for pointing that out, Cifra.)  I also changed the heading of each Navbar page to make it, well, better.  I also changed some minor details in the new member-written columns.

2.04.03 - Completely revamped the Navbar (now NAVBAR version 2.0) to accommodate more items.  It is now broken down into separate menus.  Added the Antidotes to Anecdotes page.  Added a smidgen of news.  Added the next installment of failed jokes explained.

1.27.03 - Created a new section: Failed Jokes Explained.  Updated the news.  Changed some stuff in the FAQ and history to make it more current.  Also, I'm slightly revamping the page for monitors with a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.  If your monitor doesn't go that high, get a new one.

1.21.03 - Added the songs from From Beyond and the One Minute Trailer back up.  Also put the rotating logo again and added new news.

1.06.03 - Fixed up minor details to make the page ready for the low-space switch.  These include: Removed the One Minute Trailer and One Minute Trailer Page as well as the link on the Finished Productions page.  Removed the spinning TTT logo and replaced with a still graphic.  Added a disclaimer on the From Beyond Lyrics page saying the songs aren't available for download.  (I left the links on there, however, so I wouldn't have to set them up again if I eventually put the songs back up.)

1.05.03 - Updated the news page with the latest about the future of this site.  Added additional instructions to the One Minute Trailer Download page to make it download correctly.  (Thanks, Mr. You-Know-Who-You-Are for pointing that out.)

12.24.02 - Updated the news page with the newest news.  Added my AOL address to the front page, again.  Reluctantly.

12.07.02 - Updated the news page with the latest news.

11.04.02 - Added "The TTT Presents: One Minute" to the Finished Productions page.  Added The TTT Presents: One Minute page as well as the clip itself for download.  Updated the news page with the latest on this project.

9.17.02 - Updated the Updates page with this update. No, actually, this is a test of the emergency remote updating system. In other words, I have downloaded the site from www.thettt.com and I'm attempting to update it from a remote computer. (It's a Mac, no less!) Anyway, if I can get this back up, I'll be very pleased. And if you're reading it, you can safely assume that I got it back up.

8.30.02 - Put the songs from From Beyond on with the lyrics page.  This only includes the songs that are in order.  The two conglomerate songs (From Beyond Theme and Devin/Alien King Duel, which appear at various spots throughout the movie) are not included.  Updated the news page.

8.24.02 - Added Graham's Bio (Finally! Thanks Graham.)  Also changed my Email address on the front page to the new address at this domain.

8/14/02 - Changed the color scheme of the site so it's a little less blasting on the eyes.  Also added a few aesthetic changes such as getting rid of the frame dividers and adding a new banner (in the official TTT font).

8/13/02 - Moved the Official Homepage of the TTT from www.geocities.com/travestyteam to www.thettt.com.  All further updates will be posted to the latter.  Updated the News page to reflect the change.

8/01/02 - Added the latest to the News page (as usual).  Reorganized the Upcoming Productions page since we now have more than one upcoming production and cannot fit them both in one, neat column.  Added under the Upcoming Productions page the Taking a Left page, the Tales from the Script page, and the Past Production Journals page.  Henceforth, these will be updated independently.

1/17/02 - Added the latest headlines to the News page. Added the lyrics page for the songs from From Beyond.

7/08/01 - Added a trivia page for From Beyond.  Added a new entry under the Upcoming Productions page.  Added news to the News page.

5/27/01 - Added From Beyond to the Finished Productions page.  Closed the From Beyond entry in the Upcoming Productions page
Updated the News page about the release of  From Beyond.

5/05/01 - Add The Members page and took the info about us (as people) off the FAQ page.

5/01/01 - Updated the News and Upcoming Productions page again.  Added PICTURES! (Finally)  As of yet, I don't have a separate section for them, but they are available in the FAQ under who we are.

3/30/01 - Updated the News and Upcoming Productions page with the latest.  Changed the webmaster's Email address on the Front page.  Changed some minor errors on the Finished Productions page.

3/05/01 - Updated the News and Upcoming Productions Page with more information.  Fixed some dates (forgot on the last update that it's 2001 now.  Geez!)

1/13/01 - Added a completely new page, "Upcoming Productions."  Rearranged the Nav Bar a bit to, hopefully, make it easier to navigate.  Added another entry in the news page.  Added a section for "The X-files Spoof" under "Major Production Trivia."  Fixed minor spelling and grammatical stuff on other pages.

10/30/00 - Added another entry in the news page.

10/20/00 - Added Trivia Page.  Added another entry in the news page.

10/15/00 - Updated News and Productions page with info on our newest release, "Fatal Killings".

9/07/00 - Added news page.  Fixed other minor errors.

8/22/00 - Fixed the order of some sketch on the Productions Page

8/21/00 - Finished the Productions Page.  Fixed minor spelling errors here and there.

8/19/00 - A few spelling errors and such have been corrected. This page was added.  Some more productions have been added (chronologically) under productions.  The Trivia listing under the movies listed in Productions has been changed to comments.  I've decided I'm going to put trivia and stuff to look for on a separate trivia page.  The Productions page is now solely for info on each production.

8/18/00 - The TTT web page is up, albeit with a lot of stuff missing.