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Sunday, November 09, 2003:

Whoa - school came especially fast this year, devastating all productivity in the movie department.  I know there are many of you (well, three) who look forward to our monthly updates.  I hear your silent pleas.  We would like to apologize for them not happening, but we're not actually going to.

And what have we to show for it?  Well, our excuse is: www.nanowrimo.org.  Take a look.  The crazy idea is to write 50,000 words in one month, generating, if not good material, then lots of material.  So what about October you ask?  Well.   Uh, we have been...  er... LOOK! A zeppelin! (Runs away...)   

Anyway, I posted a new story by Graham to hold you all over.  It's crazy and non-TTT related.  It's also aspires to hilarity.  We post, you decide.  Also, I'm in the process of thinking about the possibility of considering the feasibility of maybe doing something along the lines of redesigning the site, or at least making some semi-major changes.  But that's far, far away and may never happen in my lifetime.  At least, it won't happen until after the craziness of nano dies down in the post-November months.

This update has been brought to you by the foundation for Telling The World That We're Still Alive.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003:

Well, there were no columns for the past month.  We've all been on vacation and generally not around.  We also have not been shooting anything, if you were wondering.  Nothing is really in the works at the moment.  And as far as we can tell, nothing is going to be.  If there is a catalyst for movie making - say if Zoetropolis sponsors another film fest - then we just might do something.  Otherwise, it'll be pretty quiet around here.  I'll try to keep the site up to date with columns and other various points of interest, just so you know that we're still (still) around.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003:

Happy 6th Anniversary, everyone.  It's kind of weird, actually: six years of madness gone by in a flash.  Who could have guessed that in only 6 years (5 and a half, really) we'd have gone from Got Mac?  to The TTT Presents: One Minute?  Even now that we're sitting here with it all said and done, it's still kind of hard to believe.  Still, it's been quite a trip.

In celebration of these six years, we've done quite a large update to the web page.  I'll cover them in detail here.  

First of all, we've axed the Upcoming Productions page.  It was a pain to update and keep tabs on everything, and the truth is, when we were really working on stuff, we didn't use it.  The One Minute trailer is an example.  That went from basic concept to finished piece without so much as a peep from us, on the Upcoming page or here.  (Don't believe us?  Check the past news from 2002 - there's nothing between August 30 and November 4.  We found out about the Zoetropolis One Minute Film Fest in September, and the due date for entry was the October 31.)  Furthermore, it's kind of redundant because we already have this news page.  It always got kind of awkward as to what we should include on here and what we should include on there without saying stuff twice or forgetting to say it at all.  And finally, we just didn't like being held responsible for our non-actions.  We like to have the freedom to slack off if we want to and work on stuff at our own pace.  Without an Upcoming page, you can never really be sure what we're up to, and we like it that way.  So now, the Productions link takes you directly to the Finished Productions page, and the only place you might here about upcoming productions is here.  (The upcoming page itself has been relegated to the archives, since it is now, technically, a relic.  You can still read it; and read the production journals we had, but it's not being updated.)

Secondly:  Although we've had the Upcoming Productions page up for a while, all the stuff mentioned on it never got finished (except for From Beyond).  On the other hand, the stuff we neglected to put up (One Minute) got finished in record time.  It was definitely a curse.  But it's not all for naught.  We've released what was supposed to be the first of seven pieces.  Dave's Tale, A New Oddity, is now an official stand alone production, and the Tales From the Script as a group will probably never be completed.  (As a side note, this also marks Matt Fuhrman's debut as an actor in the TTT.  We hope he'll be with us for future productions.)  However, we had some pretty good ideas come out of the Tales brainstorms, so we may do some of those, also as stand-alones.  Ted's Tale, which was untitled, actually got finished as well, but curse of all curses: the VCR ate the tape.  All the work we put in to it was summarily executed by the guillotine read-head of death, so we have nothing to show for it.  However, it may be re-done in the future.

Yes, the future of the TTT seems well and good but, look the other way through time, and you may see a past steeped in mystery.  No more!  With the addition of the archives, we're trying to shed some light on historic TTT events.  This first update concentrates on Trek Wars, and has a fascinating article on the development of the TTT-1024 Entersurprise.  It will contain pictures, scripts, and other memorabilia from past productions.  We hope to add more on all manner of TTT-related subjects so keep an eye on that, as well.

Finally, as always, the columns have been updated again.  Also as always, they are hilarious and worth your time.  Or so we think.  And as previously mentioned, we are working on another production.  I'm going to keep details light to avoid the "upcoming productions" curse, and you may never hear of it again.  But we hope not 'cause it's pretty cool so far.

The future of the TTT, like we said, looks good.  There are, however, some things which could, well, break us up for good.  Dave plans to go to a trimester schedule in college, which means his summers will no longer be free.  Also, the trusty camera we've had for From Beyond and successive sketches seems to be dying.  The camera itself is in good condition, but the batteries are shot.  Since we got the cam used, it didn't come with the AC/DC adapter, and it's old enough that the particular battery it needs is incredibly expensive and hard to find.  (The adapter is no longer being made).  Hopefully these events will prove to be mere bumps in road of life, but they may also require us to change lanes, possibly abandoning the freeway of filmmaking altogether for the greener pastures of real life, to abuse a metaphor.  But we hope not.  Nevertheless, whatever might happen, you'll hear about it here.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003:

For the TTT in general, there's not a lot going on right now.  Hopefully we'll get some things done here and there, and when we do, you'll hear about them.  But for right now, I just have a bit about the webpage.  In my never-ending quest to add content to an otherwise bland and insomnia-curing site, I've added another page of randomness.  It's called Antidotes to Anecdotes.  In it you'll find all manner of rambling by the one and only Dave Casey.  It's his forum for saying whatever he wants to whenever he wants to, but you can be sure that whatever the verbiage pertains to, it'll be a riot.

In other news, I've updated the Navbar.  It's now the incredible, super NAVBAR  version 2.0.  The previous one was getting a bit lengthy, and with plans to add even more amazingly amazing content, it needed to be reorganized.  It's now broken down into nifty little menus.  It's also a bit more low-res friendly, but like I've said in the past, if you're using a low res monitor, I've got no pity for you.

Monday, January 27, 2003:

We certainly are on a roll.  Another day, another update.  I really don't usually update this much.  This is really a lot.  Really.  But I had another idea for extra stuff and I just had to stick it up.  Head on over to the Failed Jokes Explained page.  It's got some great stuff in it about jokes we have in our movies which just don't work.  Actually, right now it doesn't have a whole lot.  But we'll add to it.  My goal is to update the thing each month with a new failed joke.  Anyone who's seen even one of our movies knows we have basically an infinite amount of stuff to choose from.  By doing a whopping 12 per year, we should run out at about...uh... never.  Especially if we keep making movies.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003:

Two Saturdays ago (Jan. 11), we attended the One Minute Film Fest.  We must say, it was a blast.  We had a lot of fun and the films were mostly hilarious, if not somewhat lacking in quality.  (Not that that's bad; it's never stopped us.)  The reason I've waited so long to update the page is because I'm lazy.  And because we've been waiting to find out the winners.  One reason we probably didn't get first was because we were first.  In the line up, I mean.  Out of 49 films, we were the first one to be shown, which means that by the time everyone was done laughing, they'd subsequently forgotten us.  But we're not complaining.  We're preparing a better, more amazing minute for next year, not to mention some other small things...

Also, this site, for the moment, is stable.  I was able to get some space for the larger items such as the trailer and the From Beyond songs.  Hopefully, they'll stay up for quite a while.

Sunday, January 05, 2003:

Well, you know me.  Better safe than sorry.  Once again, I was overly pessimistic in my views on the future of the TTT, and once again I was shot down by events that were beyond my control.  There are a few bad points I'll mention, but nothing devastating.

www.thettt.com will still be up, and available at that address.  However, it will no longer be hosts on a computer in my basement, but on our new ISP's free web space for members.  You don't need to remember the new address (which I don't even know, off hand); I'm simply going to have www.thettt.com redirected to this new address.  The downside is I will no longer be hosting space-hogging media.  This includes the songs from From Beyond and the One Minute Trailer.  (This also axes my plans to put up other clips of our movies as we digitize them, but oh well.)  Everything else, however, will be basically the same.  The media will stay up until January 13th, when we'll redirect this site over to the other place.  After that it'll be the boring old site it was before; mostly text and, of course, incredibly flattering photos of ourselves.  But at least it will still be up.

Also, we're totally pumped for the Zoetropolis One Minute Film Fest.  We haven't heard anything else since our last update, so at this point, much like Sam Lowry and Harry Tuttle in Brazil, we're all in this together